1 Step To Knowing Yourself…Err “Your Motor”

I was having another deep conversation with a Hawaii mobile mechanic service technician that was servicing my vehicle at my house. The subject was relative to my previous post “Know Your Motor”, metaphorically know thyself.

He asked me if I knew my Myers-Briggs personality type.

I stumbled on the question and had to think about it for a second. I’ve heard of it, but I don’t think I’ve ever took the test.

So I guess I don’t really know myself either! But hey, I, myself am trying to grow as well. (That’s another key to keeping your motor strong, but we’ll save it for another post).

What the Myers-Briggs personality test consists of is a questionnaire that an individual takes, ideally answering honestly and with “true-to-yourself” answers, not just what one may think is the right answer or want the answer to be. The answers are then “calculated” and the individual finds out what their personality type is. The test uses a specific formula to categorize the person in several ways and adds them up to make up the person’s personality type.

The results are quite accurate and freaky to say the least.

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Know Your Motor

One critical aspect in maintaining your motor is to first know your motor.

You can’t be putting in diesel fuel into an engine that only takes unleaded fuel, or installing a BMW transmission into a Chevrolet. Inappropriate parts will cause a vehicle’s engine to not function, stall, wear down and/or breakdown.

It seems pretty obvious, but many people do not know what kind of engine they have and in result they are diagnosing it or treating it inappropriately, causing problems that makes it run inefficiently and causing it to wear down.

Know your motor:

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Invest In Your Motor

Rusty Tow Truck

Here’s the other story I mentioned from the last post.

When our limo’s motor broke down in Hawaii, they had called a towing service to tow it away. The limo driver had to call another limo to pick us up, which led to a great experience and conversation.

When we got picked up by another limo, we insisted the previous driver to ride with us as a passenger in the limo’s cockpit. While stuck in the horrible Hawaii traffic, we chatted, and come to find out that driver was the owner of his own limo company – and a successful one at that!

Being the aspiring entrepreneur that I am, I could’t help but to pick his brain a little. And there was some great things that came out from it.

One reassuring trait that he tipped me on was to invest in your own “motor” as we say here, or your mind.

He told me to never stop learning by any means; reading, school, mentorship, programs, seminars, conferences, YouTube, etc. As a bonus, I thought, he shared who he was learning from currently. His name is Tai Lopez, a relatively young multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Here’s one of his videos and suiting to this subject:

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How To Keep Your Motor Running

Keep The Motor Running

Over time, this motor of yours will slow down, misfire, stall, and become like many other motors and just stop working. Just like what happened to our Hawaii limo when we took a trip to Honolulu – but that’s another story.

Metaphorically speaking, if you haven’t read my previous blog posts, we are talking about your mind, the real motor that is running your life. Much like a car motor, you must upkeep your mind to keep it sharp and keep it running smooth, efficient, and perform as well or even better than these “new model motors”.

One way to keep your wheels spinning (pun intended) is to read. Reading is foremost one of the best things you can do to keep your mind sharp, expanding, and powerful.

Here’s a video on books and reading to get your engine turning a bit (yes, pun intended):

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What motor never dies?


What kind of motor never overhauls?

If you’ve figured out what the real motor is, you know the answer to this question.

Metaphorically speaking, your mind is the real motor. Man made things created here on earth manifests first in one’s mind. Nothing can be created from the ether without it first being born in someone’s mind. This shows how powerful the mind is.


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