How To Keep Your Motor Running

Keep The Motor Running

Over time, this motor of yours will slow down, misfire, stall, and become like many other motors and just stop working. Just like what happened to our Hawaii limo¬†when we took a trip to Honolulu – but that’s another story.

Metaphorically speaking, if you haven’t read my previous blog posts, we are talking about your mind, the real motor that is running your life. Much like a car motor, you must upkeep your mind to keep it sharp and keep it running smooth, efficient, and perform as well or even better than these “new model motors”.

One way to keep your wheels spinning (pun intended) is to read. Reading is foremost one of the best things you can do to keep your mind sharp, expanding, and powerful.

Here’s a video on books and reading to get your engine turning a bit (yes, pun intended):

But the thing is, as mentioned in some of those animated videos, no one reads anymore. Reading is a dying trait. But that is a great thing for you to get ahead of the game. 80% of the most successful people in the world read as opposed to the rest of the population. Read and keep your motor running. Set yourself apart from the rest. Knowledge is added “horse power” to your motor.

Stay tuned (…pun intended)


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