Invest In Your Motor

Rusty Tow Truck

Here’s the other story I mentioned from the last post.

When our limo’s motor broke down in Hawaii, they had called a towing service to tow it away. The limo driver had to call another limo to pick us up, which led to a great experience and conversation.

When we got picked up by another limo, we insisted the previous driver to ride with us as a passenger in the limo’s cockpit. While stuck in the horrible Hawaii traffic, we chatted, and come to find out that driver was the owner of his own limo company – and a successful one at that!

Being the aspiring entrepreneur that I am, I could’t help but to pick his brain a little. And there was some great things that came out from it.

One reassuring trait that he tipped me on was to invest in your own “motor” as we say here, or your mind.

He told me to never stop learning by any means; reading, school, mentorship, programs, seminars, conferences, YouTube, etc. As a bonus, I thought, he shared who he was learning from currently. His name is Tai Lopez, a relatively young multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Here’s one of his videos and suiting to this subject:

It was very reassuring that what I am doing and the path that I am on is on course to succeeding my life’s goals and ambitions. And you should follow these traits as well. Follow and learn from the people who have already done it. Surround yourself with people you would like to become like and invest in your motor. Keep it running.


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