1 Step To Knowing Yourself…Err “Your Motor”

I was having another deep conversation with a Hawaii mobile mechanic service technician that was servicing my vehicle at my house. The subject was relative to my previous post “Know Your Motor”, metaphorically know thyself.

He asked me if I knew my Myers-Briggs personality type.

I stumbled on the question and had to think about it for a second. I’ve heard of it, but I don’t think I’ve ever took the test.

So I guess I don’t really know myself either! But hey, I, myself am trying to grow as well. (That’s another key to keeping your motor strong, but we’ll save it for another post).

What the Myers-Briggs personality test consists of is a questionnaire that an individual takes, ideally answering honestly and with “true-to-yourself” answers, not just what one may think is the right answer or want the answer to be. The answers are then “calculated” and the individual finds out what their personality type is. The test uses a specific formula to categorize the person in several ways and adds them up to make up the person’s personality type.

The results are quite accurate and freaky to say the least.

Here’s a intro vid about the Myers-Briggs personality test:

This is one step you could take to know yourself… I mean your motor. Ahh you got the metaphor already. But try it out. Because knowing yourself, helps you to tune your motor to make it run efficiently and later, you will be able to tweak it out to run on high performance!…



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