Know Your Motor

One critical aspect in maintaining your motor is to first know your motor.

You can’t be putting in diesel fuel into an engine that only takes unleaded fuel, or installing a BMW transmission into a Chevrolet. Inappropriate parts will cause a vehicle’s engine to not function, stall, wear down and/or breakdown.

It seems pretty obvious, but many people do not know what kind of engine they have and in result they are diagnosing it or treating it inappropriately, causing problems that makes it run inefficiently and causing it to wear down.

Know your motor:

Do you know your own motor?

You need to know yourself. Knowing yourself is one major key in obtaining success and happiness.

Some key things to ask yourself and figure out the questions to are:

What am I passionate about?

What are my interest?

When I was younger, what was I really in to?

What makes me happy?

And so on. It’s soul-searching. It’s finding out who you are, what uniquenesses make up the person you are. What makes you, you.

When you find out who you really are, you can begin to finely tune your engine and have it running at optimal performance.

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